Greenway Half Marathon Course Information

This is perhaps one of the flattest routes for a half marathon in the country with a net elevation of -100mts.

Not only is it flat it also contains some incredible scenery along the way. From the old Workhouse built in 1850 in the beautiful village of Kilmacthomas over the Kilmacthomas viaduct to the stunning views of the Comeragh mountains to the North, cross over Durrow viaduct past Durrow Railway Station where the old platform and station still stand.

Then it’s on to the spectacular Ballyvoile tunnel, a 400mt long tunnel which is full of atmosphere (don’t forget to watch out for the fairy door’s on either side). Next you will cross over the Ballyvoile viaduct, blown up in 1922 but now restored to its former glory. From here you can almost smell the sea as you round the headland and take in the spectacular views of Clonea strand and Dungarvan Bay.

Then it’s downhill all the way to the finish as you take in the sights along the way, through the 12 mile mark and the playground in Ballinroad over the Clonea Road and finishing just before the Gold Coast Road. See route here:

How Do I Get to the Start?
The headquarters for this race is Ballinroad Hall/Soccer Club just outside Dungarvan on the R675 Coast Road (this will be signposted from all major routes on the day). From here we have offered a bus service to get runners to the start line in Kilmacthomas. These buses will be parked on the Clonea Road (just 200 mts from Ballinroad Hall) and we ask that you fill these as quickly as possible. There will be limited parking in this area and we ask that all visitors to the area park with respect for locals and other Greenway users.

Buses will leave for the start line in Kilmacthomas as soon as they fill, from 7.30am onwards with the last bus leaving at 8am sharp. These bus’s will take you to the start line only, (they will not be going back to Kilmacthomas after the race).

Can I leave Gear in Ballinroad?
There will be changing available in the Soccer Club in Ballinroad but we ask that you do not leave any gearbags here. There will be a baggage collection close to  Ballinroad Hall and we will send out a bag tag in our race pack which will be posted prior to the race. Please put your race number on your bag and leave here. Baggage will be available for collection close to the Finish Line.

The Race Itself
This race is chip timed with timing mats at the start and finish so runners will get a gun and net finishing time. We will be joined by our friends Ronan and his crew from My Run Results who will be timing this race and all results will be available after the race on
View the course profile here:

Shared Space
As this is a SHARED SPACE (i.e the Greenway will be open to other users on the day) we respectfully request that all runners keep to the left of the path. Runners must be aware of bikes and oncoming Greenway users at all times. THIS IS A SHARED SPACE. KEEP LEFT AND PASS RIGHT. Please do not run any more than 2 abreast and leave room for others to pass. We cannot stress this strongly enough we do not want any accidents on the day and rules of the road will still apply to this route.

We will provide some pacers for this race but as it is a unique course and a shared space we will limit the pacers as we feel that pacers could potentially create too many large groups of runners which could cause a problem. To this end we have decided to go with pacers for the following times

  • 1 hour 30 min
  • 1 hour 40 mins
  • 1 hour 50 mins
  • 2 hours
  • 2 hours 10 mins

Pacers will be easily recognisable on the day as they will be holding balloons. We request that runners slot themselves in behind the pacer who they feel most comfortable with. The start will be narrow and to avoid accidents or tripping it is advisable to go behind the pacer that you can keep up with. This will ensure that the start is safe and secure for all. Remember you will be chip timed anyway so it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to cross the start line.

Water Stops
We will provide water at 3 locations along the route and also at the finish line in your post-race goody bag. Please be aware that due to restrictions on dumping etc. this water will be in cups to minimise dumping/clean up of a 13.1 mile route.(We would never get permission again to hold a race on the Greenway if it was littered with bottles along the route).

In keeping with the ‘Green’ ethos of the race we ask that you LEAVE NO TRACE and leave the Greenway as you find it. Any gel wrappers can either be carried to the finish line or left at one of the 3 water stops.
Anyone seeing dumping on the route will be disqualified –no exceptions!

As with all West Waterford A.C. races, the use of Headphones is not allowed… We have to insist on this rule as you need to be aware of cyclists (listen for bells ringing) and other runners trying to pass and also so that you can hear safety stewards instructions. Why do you need headphones? You will be running along some of the most scenic areas in the country, look around you…. Take it in and perhaps chat to your fellow runners along the way!

The Finish Line
When you complete your run please proceed through the finish tunnel where you will receive your tshirt/event medal and refreshments. Baggage collection will also be in this area.


Prizes will be presented to the top 5 men and women at the finish line and all other prizes will be posted once results are confirmed.

Race Pack
Your race pack containing your number and a baggage tag will be posted out prior to the event and please ensure to bring it with you on race day. Numbers will be blue for men and pink for ladies. For this reason we plead with runners not to transfer numbers as this ultimately delays prize-giving and race results. If you forget your number on the day there will be a help desk facility at Ballinroad Hall to look after these runners. If any information on your number is incorrect please contact My Run Results directly on

Elite Entries
If you wish to apply as an elite runner please send your information to stating your name, date of birth, club and fastest time and location for either half marathon or 10 mile race ran in the last 3 years. Final date for Elite entries is Monday 26th August.

  • Half Marathon time: Under 1.20 for men (1.30 for women)
  • 10 Mile Time: Under 60 mins for men (65 for women)

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