John Treacy Dungarvan 10 Mile FAQs

When is the race on?
The John Treacy Dungarvan 10 Mile Road Race will be held on Sunday February 2nd 2025.

What time does it start?
The race will start at 11am  sharp.

Can I enter online?
Yes you can enter on line using Eventmaster (MyRunResults). (Please note there is a small transaction fee payable for using this facility).

How much is the race entry fee?
The entry fee for this year’s race is €35. Please note that entries will close when 3,750 entries have been received.

Can I enter on the day?
No, there will be absolutely no entries taken on the day of the race.

Is there elite entry after the closing date?
Yes elite entries will be taken up to Friday 31 January 2025. The following times apply to elite entry: Men sub 55 minutes. Ladies sub 60 minutes. These times will have to be in the 2 years prior to race day. (Proof of these times may be required).

Where can I see a map of the course?
You can view a map of the course on this website.

When will I get my number?
You will receive your number in the post in the week prior to the race. If you do not receive your number please contact Ann Dunford at 086 0619711.  The Help Desk will be at Kevin Fordes (Daybreak Garage) on the Youghal Road.

What must I do with the chip?
Your chip which is assigned to you and has all your details will be attached to your race number and please note, do not bend or try to fold your number as this could damage your chip and you will not receive a time for your race. Remember only one goodie bag will be given to each runner. Do not carry multiple chips during any part of the race. Goodie bags are given to finishers only.

Should I wear my number on the front or the back?
Your race number should always be worn on the front, on your singlet/t-shirt, not on your shorts. This will facilitate the reading of the chip at the finish line thus giving you an accurate time.

What happens when I cross the finish line?
Please proceed immediately through the finish tunnel where you will receive your ‘goodie bag’ and your dry fit t-shirt. Do not hang around this area and please use bins to dispose of  waste at all times.   LEAVE NO TRACE.

Can I wear an IPod/Mp3 player?
We do not under any circumstances allow our runners to use I-pods or Mp3 players. We have found out over the years that headphone wearers do not hear instructions from our stewards/Gardai and so are safety hazards. With the numbers we have in this race we must look after everyone’s safety and so to stop this we do not give headphone wearers any finish time. We will have someone assigned to take note of their race number and ‘headphone wearer’ will appear on the race results instead of their name. We take this very seriously, we have to, your safety is important to us.

What first aid facilities are available?
On the day of the race we will have a medical jeep and ambulance’s following the race from Medicore. These qualified paramedics will be on hand to attend to any emergency. If you have any difficulty please notify a steward on the course.

Are there toilets by the start?
Portaloos will be available at the start line and at the finish line. Please remember the start is in a residential area so please refrain from going to the toilet in the vicinity.  This is common sense so please don’t upset our neighbours, this is our town and we are very proud of it.

Does this race have an A.A.I. permit?
Yes this race does have an A.A.I. permit.

What are the prizes for the race?
The prize fund for this race is €6,000. Please refer to Race Prizes.

Will there be parking available?
There are many car parks in the town and these are signposted on the approach roads. There will be absolutely no parking allowed at the start/finish area. All entrants are requested to park in designated public parking spaces only.

Who can I contact for help?
Please refer to the contacts page for details of club officers and contact details.

Race Entry
Information on how to enter the race can be found elsewhere on this website.

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