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About West Waterford Athletic Club

The ‘Old’ West Waterford A.C.
The ‘Old’ West Waterford A.C. was formed at meeting in the C.Y.M.S. rooms in Mary Street Dungarvan in November 1973. The club was formed from the existing clubs in the West Waterford area , Dungarvan A.C. , Grange A.C., Kinasalebeg A.C., Lismore A.C., and St. Nicholas A.C. (Ring) as one unit to compete for competition outside of the county. Eddie Moore (Dungarvan A.C.) was elected chairman and John Harty (Ring) was the first secretary. Committee members were Jim Fitzgerald, Tony Shalloe and Michael O’ Halloran (Kinasalebeg), Mossie Hallahan, Jim Troy and E. Hickey (Grange A.C.) and Tony Ryan (Dungarvan A.C.)

The ‘New’ West Waterford A.C.
Athletic Clubs Amalgamate – West Waterford Athletic Club formed in January 1994. Three athletic clubs joined forces to form West Waterford A.C. at a meeting in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan in January 1994. The new club was an amalgamation of Cappoquin / Ballinameela A.C., Dungarvan A.C. and Ring / Old Parish A.C. Being formed as much out of necessity as by choice the clubs realized that on their own they could not compete with the bigger clubs outside of the County and that they were losing athletes to the sport when they left juvenile ranks. The new club club afforded the Track and Field Athletes the opportunity to compete in the National Leagues. In the past such new groupings failed to achieve their long-term goals and a greater all round commitment was required if the ‘New’ West Waterford A.C. was to succeed. It was stated that the possibility of the Club being successful was a realistic aim and it could provide a continuation for the great work being done at juvenile level.