Juvenile News January 29 2024


David Kiely wins  McGrath’s Newsagents Juvenile Colligan Shield

It was great to be back in action again for the McGrath Newsagents Colligan Shield Juvenile race. Fifty three young athletes made the trip on Sunday 14th January to take part in the race. This event is not about how fast you run but how accurate you are in predicting your time. There was great excitement among our younger athletes as they waited their turn to go and the seniors warming up for their race added to the atmosphere

First off were a group of young athletes who set themselves a target of 15mins. The clock counted down and each athlete went off at their predicted time. A big group went off around 11mins, at 10.30 and 10min marks and PaidiO’Dea at 7.30 was the last off.  Just seven athletes ran faster than their predicted time.  First across the line was Jess Collins who was 1m16secs faster than her predicted time. Others to run over half a minute faster than they predicted were Jack Wall, Shane Power, Riley Mansfield and Ben Collins. Jamie Kiely and last years winner Eoin Tobin were less than fifteen seconds faster than their predicted time. As the clock was ticking down the last 10 secs Victor Mullins was watching the clock closely and as it struck zero it was David Kiely who  crossed the line to become winner of the race bank on his predicted time.   David was just six seconds ahead of Andy Zakis who were running in his first Colligan Cup.  All six prize winners David, Andy, Vaughan Daly, Aaron Davis, Mario Zakis, Suín Ní Thuathaigh crossed the line one after the other less than 25 secs outside their time.

Fastest time on the day was by Tiernan Hogan who covered the 2km in 9.31 and Ava Kiely was the fastest girl running the distance in 10mins. Daithi Fergusonand Páide O’Dea also ran under 10mins.   

Well done to all the young athletes who completed the course and a big thank you to Albert McGrath of McGraths Newsagent for his continued sponsorship of this event. Thanks also to all our stewards and officials who helped to run the event and to Victor Mullins whose came up with the idea for the event and who is on hand each year to pick the winner. Full results  listed below.


  PredictedPlus/Actual Time
 Jess Collins15.00.-1.1513.44 
 Jack Wall15.00.-5314.07 
 Shane Power13.00.-4012.20. 
 Riley Mansfield12.15-3811,37 
 Ben Collins13.00.-3712.33 
 Jamie Kiely10.30.-1210.18 
 Eoin Tobin12.10.-1111.59 
 David Kiely11.10.011.10. 
 Andy Zakis10.30.610.36 
 Aaron Davis9.50.1710.07 
 Mario Zakis9.50.1310.03 
 Vaughan Daly11.051411.19 
 Siún Ní Thuathaigh14.00.1914.19 
 Jack Barry9.50.3110.21 
 Eile de Paor11.00.3711.37 
 Leah Kiely11.00.3811.38 
 Liam Wilmott9.30.4410.14 
 Colm O’Muiri10.10.4510.55 
 Ava Kiely9.1545.10.00. 
 Siun Cunningham9.164610.02 
 Cillian O’Thuathaigh9.20.4610.06 
 Aisling O’Droma10.40.4711.27 
 Mary Ní Dhea10.30.4711.17 
 Leighlan Ducey11.554812.46 
 Mikey Wall14.07541501 
 Harriet Byrne12.00.5512.55 
 Alice O’Brien10.00.5710.57 
 Eoghan Kenny9.531.0210.55 
 Seb Byrne9.451.0510.50. 
 Sallyann Kiely10.00.1.0611.06 
 Finlidh O’hUllachain10.231.0711.30. 
 Natalie Barry9.30.1.0910.39 
 Tomás O’Droma10. 
 Lima Davis14.151.1415.29 
 Sadie Ní Dhea9.50.1.1811.08 
 Ayla Hogan10.251.1811.43 
 Conal O’Droma10.40.1.1911.59 
 Luisne de Paor9.10.1.2410.34 
 Tiernan Hogan7.571.349.31 
 Liam Og O’Dea9.00.1.3610.36 
 Daire O’Droma9.00.1.5310.53 
 Conor de Bevca9.151.5411.09 
 Paidi O’Dea7. 
 Hannah O’Sullivan10.00.2.0712.07 
 Daithi Ferguson7.492.089.57 
 Maidhe O’ Beaglaoi9.152.2611.41 
 Lochlann Hurney7.542.3410.28 
 Rian Clifford9. 
 Sinead Houlihan10.282.4713.15 
 Jude Lavin10.00.2.4812.48 
 Caoimhe Houlihan10.292.3413.04 
 Anna Davis14. 


County Schools Cross Country a Great Success

There was a large turnout from schools all across Waterford for the Waterford Schools Cross Country Championshipsm held in St Augustine’s College on Friday last. West Waterford athletes competed for all the local schools and enjoyed considerable success at the event. Full results on next week notes

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