Juvenile News October 09 2023

West  Waterford Athletic Club Juvenile Notes


J.B.White Schools Cross Country a Huge Success

 All roads led to the Friary last Friday where there were a large number of participants in West Waterford’s annual schools cross country.  Close to 500 youngsters took part in twelve cross country races held in the grounds of St Augustines College. A total of twenty eight primary schools and three secondary schools competed this year.  Numbers were evenly divided between the boys’ and girls’ races and the biggest field was in the 3rd class boy’s race where 74 youngsters completed the course. It was a beautiful balmy autumn evening and conditions were ideal for cross country running.


 As always competition was keen for the individual and team honours and the athletes were cheered on by a large gathering of parents and school friends. Individual honours were well distributed with athletes from twenty primary  schools among the trophy winners.  Team honours were more widely spread this year. Well done to all the youngsters who competed last Friday night  Our thanks to our sponsor J.B. White Chartered Accountants, to St Augustine’s for the use of the Friary and to our club members and parents who helped out to ensure the smooth running of the event. Full results below

 WestWaterford   Schools CrossCountry2023 
 2nd ClassGirls    TEAMS  
1EtainNí MhurchadhaSc. N. na Rinne1Sc. N. Gobnait26pts 
2PolaStruskaSc Mhuire Abbeyside2Sc Mhuire Abbeyside26pts 
3IsobelQueallySc. N. Gobnait3Garranbane NS51pts 
4SarahWalshOur Lady’s Stradbally   
5ClaudiaVolna MooreVillierstown NS    
6BeibhinNí ShuilleabhánSc. N. na Rinne    
 2nd Class Boys    
1RianMcGrathGlenbeg NS1Scoil Garbhain24pts 
2AndyZakisGarranbane NS2Garranbane NS30pts 
3OllieFlynnKilmacthomas NS3Glenbeg NS43pts 
4Tellode Arce CalvoLismore NS    
5LiamMorrisseyScoil Garbhain    
6RoryBoltCarrigalee NS    
1PippaWesleyArdmore NS1Sc Mhuire Abbeyside21pts 
2RoisinGlasheenCappoquin NS2Our Lady’s Stradbally        23pts 
3HollyCaseyOur Lady’s Stradbally3Scoil Garbhain57pts 
4GracieMcGrathWhitechurch N.S.    
5AvaBurkinGarranbane NS    
6OrlaSullivanSc Mhuire Abbeyside    
1NiallWalshOur Lady’s Stradbally1Scoil Garbhain        21pts 
2JaydenKirwanKilmacthomas NS2Sc. N. na Rinne         21pts 
3LiamWilmottSc. N. na Rinne3Our Lady’s Stradbally       28p 
4JamieKielyScoil Garbhain    
5TomásO DromaSc. N. na Rinne    
6RayanVan der MeerSc Mhuire Abbeyside    
1AoibhinFitzgeraldScoil Garbhain1Scoil Garbhain10pts 
2LeahKielyScoil Garbhain2Sc. N. na Rinne31pts 
3SarahCullinaneWhitechurch N.S.3Scoil Garbhain 35pts 
4RachelKeoghTallow NS    
5IsobelDalySc Mhuire Abbeyside    
6AideenMcGrathKill N.S.    
 4th ClassBoys    
1JarlathHurneySc Mhuire Abbeyside1Scoil Garbhain12pts 
2DanWalshStradbally NS2Sc Mhuire Abbeyside        26pts 
3CianDillonScoil Garbhain3Our Lady’s Stradbally31pts 
4JamieCliffeScoil Garbhain    
5LiamMurrayScoil Garbhain    
6HarryDreaCarriglea NS    
1Ellie MaiDohertyScoil Garbhain1Scoil Garbhain6pts 
2SaorlaithSextonScoil Garbhain2Scoil Garbhain17pts 
3AvaBroderickScoil Garbhain3Sc Mhuire Abbeyside42pts 
4AmyCosgraveScoil Garbhain    
5MuireannMcGrathKill NS    
6RoisínDillonScoil Garbhain    
1CathalMurphyCarriglea N.S.1Our Lady’s Stradbally16pts 
2KevinRussellScoil Garbhain2Garranbane NS24pts 
3AaronDausGarranbane NS3Scoil Garbhain30pts 
4JackO’SheaOur Lady’s Stradbally    
5RianJonesOur Lady’s Stradbally    
6HarryTuttyScoil Gobnait    
1AoibheNí ChadhlaScoil Garbhain1Scoil Garbhain20pts 
2SaoirseKinsellaClashmoreNS2Sc Mhuire Abbeyside         26pts 
3AliLennonSeafield NS3Scoil Garbhain         50pts 
4KateHennessyGrange NS    
5KateLonganWhitechurch NS    
6NatalieBarrySc Mhuire Abbeyside    
1NicholasO’DonnellGlenbeg NS1Sc Mhuire Abbeyside18pts 
2AndrewWalshOur Lady’s Stradbally2Scoil Garbhain22pts 
3AddityaPanickerSc Mhuire Abbeyside3Glenbeg NS40pts 
4FionnFitzgeraldScoil Garbhain    
5LukeFitzgeraldScoil Garbhain    
6PeterAhernSc Mhuire Abbeyside    
 1st & 2nd  Year Girls    
1SaoirseFitzgeraldSt Augustine’s                       1                                  1St Augustine’s7pts 
2ShannonRadleySt Augustine’s2St Augustine’s15pts 
3CaseyConnorsSt Augustine’s   
4SiúnCunninghamSt Augustine’s    
5NicoleCullinaneSt Augustine’s    
6DoireannPowerSt Augustine’s   
 1st & 2nd  Year Boys    
1FionanMurraySt Augustine’s1St Augustine’s           6pts 
2FionnConnollySt Augustine’s2St Augustine’s         15pts 
3KillianHoganSt Augustine’s    
4JPCurranSt Augustine’s    
5DarraghByrneSt Augustine’s   
6DarraghEnrightSt Augustine’s    


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