Juvenile News 30 November 2020


Modified Tony’s League Continues


We have continued with our League being run as an individual time trial to take account of the health guidelines. Almost fifty athletes had recorded times over the four weeks it has been running.

In Mary’s pod Sarah Gaffney and Aoife O’Donovan are neck and neck on 7.29 while Ben Qualter is the fastest boy on 7.28. All of the girls have improved on their times from last year.


In John’s pod Isabella Gaffney is by far the fastest on 6.44. Everyone in this group has improved on their time from last year with Sarah O’Riordan, Sean Nyhan and Fia de Paor making the biggest improvements.


In Silvia’s pod Rory Donnolly is the only one competing over the 2000m and he has improved each week and is now running a minute and a half faster than last year. In the shorter lap Rian Cliffe recorded the fastest time of 3.37 . Rian Curran, Clodagh Lattimore, Leah Wall, Cathal McKenna and Cian Qualter all improved their times.


In Michelle and Sylvia’s pod Callum Curren jumped into the lead last week with a time of 3.53 just one second ahead of Charlie Curran’s best time. Fergus Donnolly, Conor McCarthy, Ciara O’Donovan, Aimee Barry , Lochlainn Hurney all improved their times last week.


We will have another round on Wed to give everyone another chance to improve their times.




Winding Down for Christmas


The evening are closing in and by 5.15 it is very dark out on the course so this Wednesday will be the last training day for our youngest pod.  Sylvia’s pod will finish on Fri 4th and John’s pod on Wed 9th and Mary’s pod on Friday 11th. Tony’s pod will continue on until the last week of school.