Juvenile News 19 October 2021


Munster Championships Sunday Oct 24th


Teams for Day 1 of the Munster Championships


Two Mile Borris County Tipperary is the venue for the Munster Championships.

A timetable, course map, directions to the venue and the covid screening forms  are all on the munsterathletics website. Everyone travelling must fill out the covid form online.

Girls under 18      
 CathyNí Sheanlaoich    
Girls under 16  Boys under 16   
 GrainneMoore  DavidGaffney 
 FionaO’Riordan  CalTutty 
 DoireanHickey  NaoiseMacMurchada 
 ClaudiaO’Halloran  BenQualter 
Girls under 14SarahGaffney Boys under 14   
 AmiFlavin  LiamBroderick 
 AoifeO’Donovan  ConorKeane 
 FiadePaor  EoinPrendergast 



Girls under 12  Boys under 12   
 IsabelleGaffney  CathalMcKenna 
 RosieBerryman  CianQualter 
 Luisnede Paor  RianCliffe 
 CiaraO’Donovan  CharlieCurran 
 NatalieBarry  FergusDonnolly 
 AimeeBarry  ConorMc Carthy 
 NicoleCullinane  PatrickMullaney 
 AvaKiely  PeterAhearne 
 SiunCunningham  LochlannHurney 
 ShannonRadlry  CallumCurran 
 CiaraFlavin  RianCurran 
Girls under 10  Boys under 10   
 GraceHodge  DavidDempsey 
 AliciaRadley  MarioZakis 
 RuthWalsh  CillianPope 
 Katie MaiDaly  JarlethHurney 
 AnnaRochford  TiernanHogan 
 LeahKiely  JackBarry 
 IsabelDaly  DanMoynihan 
 Eilede Paor     

Tony’s League


There was a great turn out for the first round of Tony’s League with 86 athletes taking part 55completed the 2000m lap and 31 completing the 1000m lap.

The 31 competing in the 1000m are all newcomers to the club this autumn so the league format is new to them.

The weather conditions were ideal and there was good firm ground which led to some very good times. Next week everyone will be aiming to beat their own time.

The fastest time was recorded by David Gaffney , while Sarah Gaffney was the fastest of the girls just one second ahead of Aoife O’Donovan and Fia de Paor a further three sec behind. Charlie Curran was the fastest of the younger athletes on the full lap.

In the short lap Mario Zakis, Anna Rochford, Mark McLouglin and Jarleth Hurney all went under 4mins while Jack Barry, Alicia Radley and Tiernan Hogan were just over the 4mins. Next Wed everyone will have another chance to try and beat their own time.  Who will improve their time? Who will be the first girl to break the 7min barrier this year?

 Full Lap13/10/2021
1David Gaffney           6.14 
2Cal Tutty           6.42 
3Sarah Gaffney           7.10 
4Aoife O Donovan           7.11 
5Fia De Paor           7.14 
6Owen Morrissey           7.16 
7Kyla Flavin           7.26 
8Conor Keane           7.28 
9Rian Cliffe           7.35 
10Ami Flavin           7.51 
11Charlie Curran           7.51 
12Grainne Moore           7.57 
13Rory Donnolly           8.05 
14Sean Nyhan           8.06 
15Callum Curran           8.06 
16Sarah O’ Riordan           8.08 
17Crea Frisby           8.10 
18Fergus Donnelly           8.27 
19Dylan Murray           8.30 
20Isabelle Mattiuzzi           8.31 
21Sarah Hallissey           8.35 
22Rian Curran           8.35 
23Cathal Mc Kenna           8.36 
24Angelina Chizhikova           8.38 
25Mary Ni Dheagh           8.39 
26Serafina Hollrigl           8.41 
27Aimee Barry           8.41 
28Lia Cunningham           8.48 
29Nicole Cullinane           8.50 
30Ava Kiely           8.51 
31Fiona O’ Riordan           8.55 
32Claudia O’ Halloran           9.02 
33Ciara Quinn           9.08 
34James O’ Donnell           9.10 
35Conor Mc Carthy           9.16 
36Patrick Mullaney           9.18 
37Lochlann Hurney           9.27 
38Ciara O’ Donovan           9.28 
39Clodagh Cunningham           9.29 
40Shannon Radley           9.38 
41Luisne De Paor           9.39 
42Doireann Hickey           9.40 
43Leah Wall           9.48 
44Eabha Hickey           9.50 
45Ciara Flavin           9.50 
46Clodagh Lattimore           9.51 
47Matilda Mattuzzi           9.53 
48Siobhan Hickey           9.54 
49Sean Carton           9.54 
50Aoife Doyle           9.58 
51Ellie Walsh         10.02 
52Natalie Barry         10.19 
53Elena Viceus Montes         10.30 
54Valeria Diaz Maroun         10.30 
55Lauren Cliffe 
 Short Lap13/10/2021
56Mario Zakis           3.49 
57Anna Rochford           3.52 
58Mark Mc Loughlin           3.58 
59Jarlath Hurney           3.58 
60Jack Barry           4.00 
61Alicia Radley           4.02 
62Tiernan Hogan           4.02 
63Isobel Daly           4.09 
64Katie Mai Daly           4.12 
65Ruth Walsh           4.13 
66David Dempsey           4.15 
67Grace Hodge           4.19 
68Éle de Paor           4.21 
69Leah Kiely           4.24 
70Ellie Mai Doherty           4.25 
71Nathan Butler           4.29 
72Alanna Pope           4.33 
73Cormac Hallahan           4.34 
74Shane Power           4.35 
75Sebastian Byrne           4.37 
76Olivia Kenny           4.47 
77Aisling Hickey           4.47 
78Oran Murray           4.49 
79Sinead Houlihan           4.50 
80Ronan O’ Donnell           4.50 
81Rex Radley           4.51 
82Clodagh Mills           4.52 
83Sulán Ni Shuilleabháin           4.53 
84Caoimhe Houlihan           4.59 
85Lily Collins           5.16 
86Cillian Pope           5.20