Juvenile News 17 January 2022


Seb Byrne wins  McGrath’s Newsagents Juvenile Colligan Shield


It was great to be back in action again for the McGrath Newsagents Colligan Shield Juvenile race. Sixty two young athletes made the trip on Sunday last to take part in the race. This event is not about how fast you run but how accurate you are in predicting your time. Having missed the event last year because of the Covid restrictions there was a great atmosphere in Colligan. There was great excitement among our younger athletes as they waited their turn to go and the seniors warming up for their race added to the atmosphere


First off were a group of young athletes who set themselves a target of 15mins. The clock counted down and each athlete went off at their predicted time. A big group went off around the 10.30 and 10min marks and Naoise MacMurchadha at 6.30 was the last off.  Fourteen athletes ran faster than their predicted time.  First across the line was Aisling Ní Droma who was 1.44 faster than her predicted time .Other to run over a minute faster than they predicted were  Rian Flavin, Tomás O’Droma, Ruth Walsh, Finley O’hUallacháin, Aine Cummins, Laoise Cummins, Devin Ryan and  Cormac Hallahan. Victor Mullins and Tony Shalloe were watching the clock closely and a number of athletes were approaching the finish as it ticked down the last few seconds and as it struck zero Seb Byrne crossed the line to become winner of the race just 1 second out on his predicted time. Seb was just five seconds ahead of Alison Kirwan both of whom were running in their first Colligan Cup.  All six prize-winners Seb, Alison, William McNally, Owen Morrissey, Grainne Moore and Lochlann Hurney crossed the line one after the other less than 25 secs outside their time. Owen Morrissey  also made into the top six the last time the event was run in 2020. Everyone else ran slower than their predicted times.

Fastest time on the day was by Naoise MacMurchadha who covered the 2km in 8.14. Eoin Rooney was also under 9mins and Kevin McNally was just 2secs outside the 9min mark.  Best of the girls was Aoife O’Donovan who completed the course in 9mins 25secs. Amy Flavin, Laoise Cummins and Isabelle Gaffney all ran under 10mins. Conor Mc Carthy was the fastest of the younger athletes in 10.08 just ahead of Tiernan Hogan and Jarleth Hurney, while Nicole Cullinane was the fastest of the younger girls in 10.24.

 Well done to all the young athletes who completed the course and a big thank you to Albert McGrath of McGraths Newsagent for his continued sponsorship of this event. Thanks also to all our stewards and officials who helped to run the event and to Victor Mullins whose came up with the idea for the event and who is on hand each year to pick the winner. Full results  listed below.


  Predicted      Plus/  Actual Time
  Time     Minus        Run 
 Aimee Barry10.00.1.5811.58 
 Grainne de Paor10.051.5812.03 
 Peter Ahearne11.20.-1211.08 
 Seb Byrne11.30.111.31 
 Nicole Cullinane9.151.0910.24 
 Charlie Curran10.00.4110.41 
 Ruth Walsh13.00.-1.2711.33 
 Conor McCarthy10.50.-4210.08 
 Emmie Power10.30.5411.24 
 Dale Power10.00.1.0111.01 
 Mark Mc Loughlin9.20.5810.18 
 Liam Murray9.473910.26 
 Fionnán Murray9.10.469.56 
 Allanah Pope10.30.5211.22 
 Rosie Berryman8.50.2.0310.53 
 Isabelle Gaffney8.00.1.449.44 
 Eoin Rooney6. 
 Fergus Donnolly10.00.4110.41 
 Naoise MacMurchadha6.30.1.448.14 
 Cormac Hallahan12.45-1.1211.33 
 Conan Hallahan12.451.2114.06 
 Abbie Casey13.10.-1412.56 
 Ciara O’Donovan10.00.1.5611.56 
 Aoife O’Donovan8.031.229.25 
 Mario Zackis10.30.4811.18 
 Laoise Cummins11.00.-1.189.42 
 Aine Cummins12.12-1.1910.53 
 Devan Ryan10.40.-1.169.24 
 Lily Collins12.452.0914.54 
 Clodagh Lattimore9.451.2711.12 
 Rian Flavin12.30.-1.3310.57 
 Ciara Flavin10.20.1.0911.29 
 Amy Flavin8. 
 Jarleth Hurney10.30.-1710.13 
 Lochlann Hurney10.00.3110.31 
 Natalie Barry10.30.1.0311.33 
 Shauna Deevy8.00.1.599.59 
 Grainne Moore10.00.1410.14 
 William McNally10.30.1110.41 
 Owen Morrissey9.45139.58 
 Kevin Mc|Nally8.30.329.02 
 Tiernan Hogan9.40.3110.11 
 Shane Power9.551.0811.03 
 Tomás O’ Droma15.00.-1.2813.32 
 Conall O’ Droma10.00.1.3711.37 
 Darragh O’Droma10.00.1.2411.24 
 Aisling Ní Droma15.00.-1.4413.16 
 Aimee Ryan11.00.4711.47 
 Charlie Gleeson10.30.-1110.19 
 Aoife Butler11.00.2511.25 
 Kyla Flavin8.50.2.0910.59 
 Cameron Flavin11.371.0212.39 
 Alison Kirwan12.05612.11 
 Angelina Chizhikova9.40.4910.29 
 Harry Dray10.00.1.2111.21 
 Alison Dray10.20.2.4313.03 
 Lily Harty10.152.4412.59 
 Cathy Ní Sheanlaoich9.30.5510.25 
 Rex Radley12.30.1.1813.48 
 Euan O’ hUallacháin10.00.1.2311.23 
 Finley O’hUallacháin15.00.-1.2513.35 
 Ruaraidh O’hUallacháin10.00.1.3611.36 



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