Juvenile News 14 November 2020


Training Continues in the Rain


West Waterford’s young athletes are a hardy bunch and despite the heavy rain early on Wednesday afternoon almost thirty athletes turned up for training. By the time we got going at 4.15 the rain was almost gone but conditions underfoot were very heavy and it made it difficult to improve their times of the previous week in the 2000m time trial. Tony’s group trainied as usual with the other pods completing a time trial.  Mary’s pod were first off and seven completed the 2000m loop. Fastest this week was Ben Qualter who came home in 7.31. Sarah Gaffney was again fastest of the girls in 7.51with Aoife O’Donovan close behind in 8mins. Ami Flavin who missed last week’s run came home in 8.22 with Cillain Towey next in 8.45. Jennifer Mooney in her first run over the distance recorded a time of 9.00 just ahead of Fiona O’Riordan in 9.08.


Next up was Rosemarie’s group and again we had seven running on the night.


Fastest on the day was Isabelle Gaffney in an excellent 7.05.  Three athletes in this group improved on their times from last week. Rosie Berryman knocked a whopping 43secs off her time of the previous week to come home in 8m33. Both Kyla Flavin and Owen Morrissey knocked three seconds off their times with Kyla recording 7.32 and Owen 7.48. Fia de Paor who missed last week finished in 7m53. Sean Nyhan recorded a time of 9.06 with Sarah O’Riodan finishing in 9.28.



Silvia’s group ran their time trial over the 1000m course. Rory Donnolly was the only one to complete the course in under 4mins finishing in 3.57. Cian Qualter was next fastest in 4.12. Best of the girls was Luisne de Paor in 4m33. Isabella Mattuzi recorded a time of 4.43. Amy O’Riordan was just outside the five minutes with a time of 5.04 and Aoife Doyle finished in 5.09.

Fergus Donnolly was the only participant from the youngest group who braved the elements and he finished the 1000m loop in 4m30. Well done to all who took part.


Next Wednesday we will continue the time trials within each pod and we will hope for better weather and an improvement in the times.