West Waterford Primary Schools Sports

The 18th running of the West Waterford Annual Primary School Sports was a huge success. Once again we are indebted to St. Augustine's College for the use of their excellent facilities and to Brother Patrick in particular who was present on all three nights. The venue at the college was back to the old track location which has been marked out again this year and is seeing much use by local athletes.
The unseasonably bad weather this year saw the opening night being postponed for one week and when it did eventually happen it took place in monsoon conditions. Great credit is due to the athletes and officials on that awful night who got through the program without complaint. The other two nights were thankfully fine and the huge program of events was gotten through in a very efficient manner. Fair play to all of the runners who competed and to their teachers who organised them - it was literally a 'cast of thousands' and even for the uninvolved, fantastic entertainment.
Our thanks is due also to David Walsh Office Supplies who sponsored the event and has done so for a number of years. Thanks also to the many volunteers from West Waterford Athletic Club who gave so freely of their time over the three nights and finally a big thank you and well done to Nora Healy our Senior Club Secretary who co-ordinated the event.
The results of the final night are as follows.

Girls U8 - 80m 1.Kate O'Connor (Glenbeg) 2.Ciara Scanlon (Villierstown) 3. Chloe Walsh (Kinsalebeg)
Girls U8 - 80m 1.Ruth Geoghegan (BB na Naomh) 2.Fiona Morrissey (Scoil Mhuire) 3. Kate Ryan (BB na Naomh)
Boys U8 - 80m 1.John Gartland (Ardmore) 2.Paul O'Connor (Clashmore) 3.Gerard Hickey (Kilrossanty)
Boys U8 - 80m 1.Jason Nagle (Scoil Mhuire) 2.David Early (Scoil Mhuire) 3.Kevin Walsh (Garranbane)
Girls U9 - 80m 1.Roisin McCarthy (Kilrossanty) 2.Jane O'Brien (Grange) 3.Ciara Walsh (Killrossanty)
Girls U9 - 80m 1.E.Ni Uallachain (Scoil Garbhan) 2.J. Kennedy (Scoil Mhuire) 3.Laura Duggan (Cappoquin)
Boys U9 - 80m 1.Conor Morrissey (Killrossanty) 2.Colin Walshe (Whitechurch) 3.Darren Foley (Kinsalebeg)
Boys U9 - 80m 1.Daniel Murphy (BB na Naomh) 2.David Hallihan (Kilmac Boys) 3.C. Kindogran (Scoil Mhuire)
Girls U10-80m 1.Clare Morrissey (Kilmacthomas) 2.J. McCarthyWhitechurch 3.A. Cunningham (Clashmore)
Girls U10-80m 1.Steffi Power (St. Mary's) 2.Meggan HayesSt. Mary's 3.Lorraine Wyley (Scoil Mhuire)
Boys U10-80m 1.C. Murphy( Glenbeg) 2.Eric Mangan (Clashmore) 3.Tom Curran (Whitechurch)
Boys U10-80m 1.Jack Morrissey (Scoil Mhuire) 2.Adam Kelly (St. Joseph's) 3.Emmet Byrne (BB na Naomh)
Girls U11-100m 1.Chloe Lawlor (Touraneena) 2.Lisa Keane (Kilmacthomas) 3.Debbie Kirwan (Fews)
Girls U11-100m 1.Kayleigh Fraher (St. Mary's) 2.C. McGlone (BB na Naomh) 3.Grainne Hayes (Garranbane)
Boys U11-100m 1.B.O'Halloran (Kinsalebeg) 2.David McCarthy (Whitechurch) 3.Colm Fahery (Ballycurrane)
Boys U11-100m 1.Michael Byrne (St. Josheph's) 2.John Power (Scoil Mhuire) 3.C. Reynolds (Scoil Mhuire)
Girls U12-100m 1.Emer Scanlon (Villierstown) 2.Lenny Kirwan (Fews) 3.Aishling Flynn (Kilbrien)
Girls U12-100m 1.L.McCarthy (Scoil Mhuire) 2.M. ni tSaoir (Scoil Gharbhan) 3.Ciara O'Dwyer (Scoil Mhuire)
Boys U12-100m 1.Sean Brown (Coolnasmear) 2.Stephen Kearny (Killrossanty) 3.Shane Kearney (Carriglea)
Boys U12-100m 1.Craigh Kinghorn (Scoil Mhuire) 2.Tom Hanrahan (Garranbane) 3.Adam Sheridan (St.Joseph's)
Girls U14-100m 1.Jennifer Ryan (Killrossanty) 2.S. Leddingham (Clashmore) 3.Julie Buest (Whitechurch)
Girls U14-100m 1.S. Brackett (Scoil Gharbhan) 2.Coleen Hayes (St. Mary's) 3.Grace Duggan (Cappoquin)
Boys U14-100m 1.Stephen Orr (Kinsalebeg) 2.Daithi Wilkinson (Cappoquin) 3.Jack Queally (Modligo)
Boys U14-100m 1.John Owens (BB na Naomh) 2.Sean Naisbett (St. Joseph's) 3.Eoin McCullagh (Scoil Mhuire)
Girsl U12-300m 1.Emer Scanlon (Villierstown) 2.Shona Curran (Whitechurch) 3.Lenny Kirwan (Fews)
Girsl U12-300m 1.Eileen O'Connell (St. Mary's) 2.Sarah O'Brien (Scoil Mhuire) 3.Niamh Looby (Garranbane)
Boys U12-300m 1.Stephen Kearney (Killrossanty) 2.Niall Browne (Coolnasmear) 3.Shane Kearney (Carriglea)
Boys U12-300m 1.Craig Kinghorn (Scoil Mhuire) 2.Edward Walsh (Kilmac Boys) 3.Tom Hanrahan (Garranbane)
Girls U14-300m 1.Sarah Leddingham 9Clashmore) 2.Claire Hassett (Fews) 3.Nora Hassett (Fews)
Girls U14-300m 1.S. Brackett (Scoil Gharbhan) 2.Stacey Keohan (St. Mary's) 3.Coleen Hayes (St. Mary's)
Boys U14-300m 1.Stephen Orr (Kinsalebeg) 2.Jack Queally (Modeligo) 3.D.Wilkinson (Cappoquin)
Boys U14-300m 1.Eoin McCullagh (Scoil Mhuire) 2.John Owens (BB na Naomh) 3.Sean Nasbett (St. Joseph's)
Girls U8 Relay 1.Glenbeg 2.Ballycurrane 3.Grange
Girls U8 Relay 1.Scoil Mhuire 2.Cappoquin 3. BB na Naomh
Boys U8 Relay 1.Cappoquin 2.Whitechurch 3.Ardmore
Boys U8 Relay 1.Scoil Mhuire 2.Scoil Gharbhan 3.St. Joseph's
Girls U9 Relay 1.Killrossanty 2.Glenbeg 3.Kilmacthomas
Girls U9 Relay 1.St. Mary's 2.Cappoquin 3.Scoil Mhuie
Boys U9 Relay 1.Whitechurch 2.Killrossanty 3.Grange
Boys U9 Relay 1.Kilmac Boys 2.Scoil Mhuire 3.St. Joseph's
Girls U10 Relay 1.Touraneena 2.Glenbeg 3.Whitechurch
Girls U10 Relay 1.St. Mary's 2. BB na Naomh 3.Garranbane
Boys U10 Relay 1. Whitechurch 2.Cappoquin 3.Glenbeg
Boys U10 Relay 1. Scoil Mhuire 2.Scoil Gharbhan 3.Kilmac Boys
Girls U11 Relay 1.Glenbeg 2. Whitechurch 3.Stradbally
Girls U11 Relay 1.St. Mary's 2.Scoil Mhuire 3.Ballyduff
Boys U11 Relay 1.Kinsalebeg 2.Clashmore 3.Whitechurch
Boys U11 Relay 1.Scoil Mhuire 2.St. Joseph's 3.Kilmac Boys
Girls U12 Relay 1.Whitechurch 2.Touraneena 3.Coolnasmear
Girls U12 Relay 1.Scoil Mhuire 2.Ballyduff 3.St. Mary's
Boys U12 Relay 1.Coonasmear 2.Killrossanty 3.Kinsalebeg
Boys U12 Relay 1.Scoil Mhuire 2.Kilmac Boys 3.St. Joseph's
Girls U14 Relay 1.Villierstown 2.Kinsalebeg 3.Stradbally
Girls U14 Relay 1.St. Mary's 2.Scoil Mhuire 3.Ballyduff
Boys U14 Relay 1.Lismore 2.Whitechurch 3.Cappoquin
Boys U14 Relay 1.St. Joseph's 2.BB na Naomh 3.Scoil Mhuire
U10 Mixed Relay 1.Knockanore 2.Ardmore 3.Modeligo
U14 Mixed Relay 1.Kilbrien 2.Carriglea 3.Kinsalebeg

The overall trophy winners were as follows
Small Schools Girls - Glenbeg
Small Schools Boys - Whitechurch
Big Schools Girls - St. Mary's
Big Schools Boys - Scoil Mhuire