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Notes December 30-18

The second half of the West Waterford Athletic Club winter league kicks again on Wednesday 2nd January at the sports centre, Quanns, Dungarvan at 6.50 pm. A large crowd is expected for the first night of 2019 and we hope that all those of you who have made the New Year resolutions to improve your health and fitness will come on down and join the league. Our motto at the winter league is that it’s never too late, so why not come along and get on your way to a healthier and fitter 2019. If tonight is your first night please come along around 6.30 so that we can issue you with a number and explain the procedure to you. Newcomers are welcome each night of the league and if you can’t make it tonight then come along next week and bring a friend or two with you, the more the merrier! Now that we all have had a break from the league it’s time to get back on track and concentrate on the next six weeks of the league. Even if you haven’t managed to get some training in don’t let that put you off coming tonight, we will all be a little bit sluggish tonight for the first mile or two, just adjust your pace and in no time you will be back to your normal running pace. The starting times will vary each week in order to make each run as interesting as possible and also to give us all that extra push and motivation to get to the finishing line as quickly as possible. Don’t forget your reflective bib and your number for tonight. See you at the Sport’s Centre!
Our thanks to Santa who made a welcome visit on our charity night at the recent winter league just before our customary break for Christmas, the league will resume again on Wednesday January 2nd.Now that the first half of the league is over we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those involved in the league as without their help and support the league could not possibly to organise each and every week. We are most fortunate to have a dedicated team of stewards, time-keepers, administrators and traffic controllers who help out week after week regardless of the weather or conditions and we are extremely grateful for their invaluable help. And a very special well done to all of you our winter league runners who have now reached the half way point of this year's league each and every one of you should be well please and proud to have made the start ,we wish you all a very happy new year and injury free running 2019. see you all again for the 2nd half of the best league in town on Wednesday January 2nd. and remember please do bring a friend.
We will start back the league for 2019 on January 2nd with the Colligan cup style guess your time run. It's always a great fun night with just about everyone having a chance of coming out on top on the night. Both clocks will operate in the hall "only" on the night and both will be starting at the same time. For the short course runners the clock will start at 30.30 and it will count backwards, so whatever time you think it will take you to run the league short course route you leave at that time and the first runner past the finish line after the clock hits 00.00 is deemed the winner. The long course runners will have the clock starting at 60 minutes and counting backwards also, again you leave the hall at whatever time you predict it will take you to run the course, the first runner crossing the finish line after the clock hits 00.00 is deemed to be the winner .Simple.!
Last Wednesday night was the last night of The FORDES DAYBREAK Winter League for 2018 before our break for Christmas and once again there was a great number running. The first runner home on the night was Mick Concannon in a time of 38.44 and 2nd runner back to the sport centre last week as David Traynor 41.27, Patrick Carey in a time of 41.11 was next and Mary Cahill was our first lady finisher in the fina round before the christmas break and Mary ran a time of 47.26, next finisher in 6th place on the night was Claire Connors in a time of 44.06 and our 3rd lady home were sister Claire Meehan and Deirdre Hahesy both recording a time of 55.54. You can join in this league any week and we love to see newcomer's added to the list. There are more people registering for the league each week, so come along and give it a go – in the new year you have nothing to lose. You can make it a new year’s resolution even. This is only the seventh week so remember there is a long way to go and aim to slowly improve. There are six more weeks after Christmas starting on January Wednesday 2nd .
The top 10 on the long course league table just past the half way mark are.
Jordan O Rourke
Joe O'Rourke
Debra Doherty
Lee Martin
Brendan Cosgrave
Nicky Mckenna 
Mark Lenihan
Brie Llyod-Evans
Jim Barry
Sarah Lynch
Conditions were far from ideal as the runners gathered at Dungarvan Sports Centre  for week 7 of the Fordes Daybreak winter league before heading out on the 2.4 mile run.  Conditions were cold and wet for our runners, but luckily we had a special visitor with us of to raise the Festive Sprits as Santa Claus himself was on hand to deliver some spot prizes to our runners as they finished. It is also on wet, cold nights like last Wednesday and we really need to thank and be grateful to our stewards. It is one thing to go out and run on a wet, cold evening. It's a tougher task altogether to go out and steward in those conditions so a special thanks to our stewards and helper without whom we'd be unable to have our leagues. There was a great number out again last Wednesday when 60 runners took up the challenge, on what was our seventh and final night of the winter league for 2018. It was great to see some new runners that were trying out the league for the very first time. This section of the league specifically has first timers and beginners in mind and is a manageable distance for most as it covers 2.4 miles in total. After registering make sure to check your start time on the sheets posted on the wall. First on the night was Elaine Curran in 24.12, followed by Liam Hansbury in 22.37. Liam was followed by Collette Bannon in 26.07. Gavin Whelan was next in 14.22 (an improvement of 1.10) with Claire Moffat next in 20.09 (a 50 second improvement). Vicki Mulhall and Marcella Scanlan finished together in 24.17 to both knock 1.10 off last week's time. Others to record good improvements included James Fennell (19.12), Leisa Fleming (23.49), Gayle Burke (23.10) and Jackie Tobin (26.19) who all improved their times by between 30 and 45 seconds. Michael Coakley will be very happy with his run having dipped under 20 minutes when clocking 19.57. Fastest time on the night was once again, Ciaran Frisby in 13.58 - the first time 14 minutes has been broken in this year's league. Ciaran was  followed by Gavin Whelan in 14.22. Fastest Lady was Brigid Coffey in 17.37 followed by Lisa Collins in 20.09.Enjoh the Christmas break and see you all again on January 2nd.
The league table are also starting to take shape. short course.
1st Christopher Phelan
2nd Theresa Curran
3rd Patrick Ryan
4th Michael Coakley
5th Claire Moffat
6th Elaine Curran
7th Oliva Curran
8th Brigid Coffey
9th Aishling Hourigan
10th Conor O'Neill
20th James Fennell
30th Deirdre Daly
40th Lorna Murphy
50th Aine O'Brien
60th Kevin Murphy
70th Karen Coleman
For safety, high vis must be worn. Also the rules of the league prohibit the wearing of watches. Anyone not wearing high vis or that is caught wearing a watch won't be included in the results. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our runners and stewards a very Happy new year and we'll see ye again when we start back for 2019 on Wednesday 2nd January.
As part of the Fordes Daybreak winter league, we also have a team competition. Teams are made up of 3 members with the best 2 scorers on each night counting to the score. This competition has been up and running with the past 3 weeks. On the Long route, the leaders are "Not Fast, Just Furious" (Joe Grant, Mark Shalloe and Kelly Shalloe) on 233 points. In second are "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" (Joe O'Rourke, Jordan O'Rourke and Mark Lenihan) on 262. In Third are "Pavement Princesses ( Geraldine Barry, Onra Power and Michelle Finnegan) on 439.On the short routes, the leader are "Curran and Co" (Theresa Curran, Elaine Curran and Nicola McCarty) on 97 points. In second place are "West Cork Crew" (Michael Coakley, Conor O'Neill and Lisa O'Neill) on 141.
For the 2018/19 Forde's Daybreak Winter League we have been fortunate enough to have received associate sponsorship from our friends in Top Oil, our own Kevin Casey and James O Sullivan have come on board to generously sponsor 2 €20 vouchers, one for the short route and one for the long route each week.  
week 1 winners were short route Nicola Mc Carthy. long route- Cathal Dwane
week 2 winners were short route Jackie Tobin. long route- Linda Foley
week 3 winners were short route  Oisín Downey- Long Route- Éanna de Faoite
week 4 winners were short route Áine O'Brien -Long route-Phillipa Keating.
week 5 winners were short route David Towey  -Long Route- Lee Martin.
week 6 winners were short route Sheilanne O'Donoghue route-Long route Patrick Carey .
week 7 winners were short route John Power -Long route Eoin Walsh.
A huge thank you to Cathal and all at Venture Clothing Dungarvan who donated a beautiful hamper which was raffled among all stewards of our Forde's Daybreak winter league, the lucky winner of the hamper was Pat Early , congratulations Pat  and thanks once again Cathal for your kind gesture.
The 20th annual St Stephen’s Day fun run jointly organised by Dungarvan GAA in association with West Waterford athletic club was held again this year, the weather was ideal which brought out by far the largest attendance in the 20 year history of the event which also saw the largest amount of monies ever raised also with 5.457 euro donated by those who participated which included walkers and runners, All are to be congratulated on this huge amount of raised for the Dane Power Rehab fund. A delighted event organiser Paddy Fitzgerald would like to sincerely thank all those who came along in such big numbers and who donated so generously on the morning. The cheque presentation was made by Paddy Fitzgerald to Dean . Very special thanks once again this year to the Ladies of the catering committee who provided the cuppa and the sandwiches which greeted the participants on their return to the centre. Thanks also to Jamie Mills and Tony Ryan who looked after the stewarding and parking. Finally we all wish Dean and Aisling and extended family the very best for the year ahead on his continued recovery.
The Michael Roche Carpets sponsored Series is in full swing with 2 races completed the Murrays Pharmacy Brickey 4 mile road race and the Paddy Joe Curran memorial Turkey Trot with the next race ,race number 3 The Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup coming up on Sunday January 20th. The series is only 2 euro to enter and you can enter right up until the Kilmacthomas race.   To count in the series you have to participate in 4 of the 5 events as per normal for this series to count in the overall standings. The series events  remaining are the Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup January 20th,  The Kilmacthomas 5 on Sunday 24th February at 11 a.m. and the final event is the Déise College Dungarvan 10k on Sunday March 10th at 11 a.m. Once again West Waterford Athletic Club thanks Michael, Bridget and family for their continued support to the club by sponsoring this series now in its 27th year. As always we urge or members to support all our sponsors when appropriate.
The following are the entries to date in this series please check that your included if you have entered.
1 Martin Tobin W.W.A.C.
2 Pat Fitzgerald W.W.A.C.
3 Tom Enright Waterford A.C.
4 Micheal O Chuirrin W.W.A.C.
5 Brendan Bullen Ind
6 Pete Cunningham Ind
7 Liam Dwyer W.W.A.C.
8 Declan O'Callaghan W.W.A.C.
9 Mark Beer Blackwater A.C.
10 Martin Hayes W.W.A.C.
11 Thomas Kavanagh Ind
12 James Whelan W.W.A.C.
13 Padraig Healy W.W.A.C.
14 Kevin Casey W.W.A.C.
15 Patrick Ryan W.W.A.C.
16 Anthony Dwyer W.W.A.C.
17 John Downey W.W.A.C.
18 Ruairi Cusack Ind
19 Niall Cusack Ind
20 Danny Smith Ind
21 Mark Cliffe W.W.A.C.
22 Joe Barry W.W.A.C.
23 Fkadu Kebede Ind
24 David Connors W.W.A.C.
25 Kevin Kenneally W.W.A.C.
26 Jimmy Connors W.W.A.C.
1 Eveleen Drohan W.W.A.C.
2 Jackie Carthy Kilmore A.C.
3 Sandra Moore W.W.A.C.
4 Margaret Conway W.W.A.C.
5 Rose Power W.W.A.C.
6 Deirdre Clancy W.W.A.C.
7 Caroline Russell W.W.A.C.
8 Molly Fitzgerald W.W.A.C.
9 Sarah Howley 
10 Sharon Higgins W.W.A.C.
11 Sandra P Flynn W.W.A.C.
12 Marita Murray Ind
13 Onra Power W.W.A.C.
14 Kelly Shalloe W.W.A.C.
15 Debra Doherty W.W.A.C.
16 Sharon Nugent W.W.A.C.
 The Michael Roche Carpets Series will continue on Sunday the 20th January with the 31st Annual Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup. The Juvenile race starts at 11.00 pm. The senior race is over the usual 5 miles Colligan wood circuit and Juveniles will have a single 1-mile circuit to run. The Colligan cup is a unique event in that it is run on a handicap basis where you simply predict your finishing time over a 5 mile run, with the winner being the person who is nearest to that predicted time. This makes the race open to all no matter what your standard is, everyone has the same chance of taking the title. Now in its 31st year we would like to thank sincerely our sponsor for all of those 30 years David Kiely of Kiely Monumental for his on-going support for the local running club West Waterford AC. So for a great fun event on the yearly running calendar Colligan is where you need to be come Sunday 20th January. Also remember if you haven't already done so that entry to the series is just 2 euro and this can be paid when entering the race in Colligan on the day.
The penultimate race in the Michael Roche carpets series will be on Sunday February 24th at 11 a.m., the 17th Annual Kilmacthomas 5. Entries will be taken at the community hall Kilmacthomas at the top of the town with the entry fee being 8 Euro. Shower facilities will also be available in this hall after the event for both men and women.  very attractive prize fund will be on offer for the top competitors and plenty of spots for down the field finishers also. Sandwiches and refreshments will be available to all after the event.
 The final race in the Michael Roche carpets series, the Déise College Dungarvan 10K will take place on Sunday March 10th at 11a.m. Now in its 37th year and one of the oldest races on the local road running calendar the Déise College Dungarvan 10k is always one of the more popular races. The club is delighted that Déise College and its proprietors Caroline and Alan Ryan are continuing their sponsorship for this race. The race will also see a number of perpetual trophies being presented. We have the Seamus Power Memorial Trophy to the first male finisher and the Mikey Roche Memorial Trophy for the first local female finisher. We will be using the fast canal circuit as we have used now for the past couple of years for this race with the race headquarters at the Dungarvann GAA club pavilion  which is where the presentation of prizes for the race and for the overall series will also take place. The race will start and finish in the same place as always at the Industrial Estate just off the N25, with just a short jog to and from the Dungarvan GAA club grounds for the runners.
It’s that time of year again when we take on the mammoth task of organising the John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile. We have been fortunate in the past to have had help from club members and also from many outside of the club circle who come along each year to give a few hours of their time. This year we are in need of that same help again and even more, with a much bigger field assembled this year we will be under more pressure in making sure these visitors to our town leave with a good experience of what Dungarvan has to offer and we hope such will be the impression we will make on them that they will want to come back again to visit the town for maybe a longer stay. We will need stewards and people to help with catering on the day ,if you have a few hours on Sunday February 3rd  please contact stewarding coordinator Karen Ryan on 086-8245683.Support your local athletics club-Many hands make light work!!!!
West Waterford athletic club extends new year's greetings to all its members, sponsors, friend's supporters and helpers, may 2019 bring you all the health and happiness you desire.
You can't do in a race what you haven't prepared for.