Senior News

Notes July 14-19

 It was another nice evening for running in the Friary grounds for the 6th and final night of the Minnie Fit4life running league last Wednesday evening.. As usual, the Friary was in perfect condition for running. It's nice and forgiving underfoot for us all and is a good break from the usual running on the roads. Our club and the local population in general are so lucky to have the use of such a facility right on our door step and we as a club are so fortunate to have the use of it for our Juvenile training and indeed for the many senior club leagues held there over the year. The distance's for the Minnie's league give a great choice to runners as you can run 1, 2, 3, or 4 laps so something for all levels. (A lap of the Friary is approx. 2 km or 1.2 miles). The turnout on the night was brilliant with a great crowd taking part. This league has always proved very popular and is one where many newcomers come along to try running for the first time. Thanks once again to the O'Brien family of Minnie's for coming on-board again this year as sponsors. Please support our sponsor when appropriate. As this was the last night of the league, the presentation of prizes took place straight after running and a full report on the Final Tables and prizes will appear in the notes in the coming weeks.
The next club league is the Garveys League which will commence in late August - keep an eye on the club notes and website for details. Club training will continue on Tuesday nights at 6.30 meeting in the friary for anyone who wishes to continue their training - once again details are on the club website. 
 One Lap League
First home again this week was Aidan Mansfield in 7.38. Aidan was followed by Margaret Whelan in 10.26. Next was Michelle Power in 10.45 (14 seconds faster than last week) with Tara Whelan next in 12.20. Well done to all the runners that took part in the one lap league and we hope to see you taking part in some other events later in the year.
Two Lap League
 First on the night was Eamon Cashin in 16.23 (19 seconds faster than last week). Next was Brian Harris in 17.41. Brian was followed by Onra Power in 18.37. Onra was followed by Sarah Duffy in 19.36 (21 seconds faster than last week).  Annette Cullen ran with. Michael Moynihan running 20.39. Johnny Burkin finished in 22.10 with Amanda Mansfileld running 23.20. Well done to all the runners that took part in the two lap league, and we hop to see ye later in the year
 Three Lap League
 Yevgeniy Chizikov once again led home the 3 lappers in 23.37 (23 seconds faster than last week). Sharon Higgins was second and ran 30.51. (1 minutes ahead of her time last week). and finishing in the same time as Sharon was Karen Ryan.
Four Lap League
Well done to all 141 runners that took part in the 4 lap league. First home was Colm Ryan in an excellent 29.21 (the exact same time as he ran last week). In seconds was Ted O'Leary in 33.35 and it was great to see Ted back in Friary so soon after completing his 100th marathon. Third was Tom Nyhan in 34.47. Tom was followed by Mary Jane Enright and Pat Dunford who both finished in 34.53. Liam Fitzgerald ran 35.15 followed by Gerry O'Connor 37.43 and Angeline Drennan37.51. Ann Dunford, Linda Foley and Michael Callaghan all finished together in 38.56.
 Thanks to the St Augustine’s College for permitting the league to be held on their grounds ,Many thanks to our ongoing league sponsor Pat O'Brien of Minnie's Bar Abbeyside, and of course to all the crew who helped with the smooth running of the league especially Ray, Shirley, Tom, James and Ann. Thanks so much.
The 24th annual Doocey’s Bar sponsored Ballymacarbry 5 mile road race which is race 9 of the summer series will be held on Friday July 19th at 7.30 PM .This race attracts a great crowd and this year again it will be an out and back course along the Nire Road. The entries will be taken at the local Community Hall where showers and changing will also be available. The entry fee is the usual 8 Euros pre entry and if you wait till race night it will cost you 1k0 euro. Prizes in the usual categories.
Enter for Ballymac race online for just 8 euro as it will cost you 10 euro on race night. Use link below.
 Men 1st 3 Senior, 1st Junior, 1st 0/40, 0/45, 0/50 and 0/55
Ladies 1st 3 Senior, 1st Junior, 1st 0/35, 0/40, 0/45 and 0/50
The recent Waterford Viking marathon was a red letter event in more ways than one for club member Ted O Leary as he completed his 100th marathon on the day. Ted started his journey back in 0ctober 2004 when he completed his first Dublin city marathon after a though that he would like to be able to completed the Marathon distance, little did he know on that date in 2014 that it was not alone an achievement to completed that very first marathon but that he would go on to run another 99 as well. Ted is as well known in running circles around the country as anyone other and has run marathons the length and breath of the country as you can read from his list of completed marathon events, Ted also on this journey has run quite a number of ultra events as well as hill running marathons into the mix. The Conna man is also a member of the MCI Marathon club of Ireland group and has completed quite a number of their back to back events along the way also. Ted now becomes a member of our clubs elite group of 4 who have all passed the 100 mark, Terri Gough, Paul Brunnock and Mick Concannon and i am delighted to report that all four are still notching them up and long may that be the case.
1             25-Oct-04            Dublin                                                4:21:14
2             31-Oct-05            Dublin                                                4:15:54
3             30-Oct-06            Dublin                                                3:54:45
4             01-Jun-09            Cork                                                   4:57:40
5             06-Jun-11            Cork                                                   3.30.09
6             31-Oct-11            Dublin                                                3:59:01
7             04-Jun-12            Cork                                                   3:46:52
8             30-Jun-12            Waterford                                         3:29:41
9             24-Aug-12           Longford                                           3:53:49
10           22-Sep-12           Portumna                                         3:56:00
11           29-Oct-12            Dublin                                                3:58:42
12           28-Oct-13            Dublin                                                3:44:04
13           17-Nov-13          Sixmilebridge                                   3:55:51
14           07-Dec-13           Clonakilty                                         3:46:54
15           10-Mar-14          Tralee                                                 3:33:38
16           06-Apr-14           Connemara                                      3:39:43
17           04-May-14          Limerick                                            3:39:58
18           02-Jun-14            Cork                                                   3:32:03
19           28-Jun-14            Waterford                                         3:26:44
20           27-Oct-14            Dublin                                                3:58:14
21           16-Nov-14          Sixmilebridge                                   3:48;14
22           06-Dec-14           Clonakilty                                         3:47:00
23           27-Dec-14           Portumna                                         3:49:58
24           10-Jan-15            Oilgate                                               3:37:33
25           07-Feb-15           Killeigh                                               3:36:49
26           15-Mar-15          Tralee                                                 3.22.27
27           28-Mar-15          Rathdrum                                         3.32.26
28           12-Apr-15           Connemara Ultra                            5.45.34
29           02-May-15          Ballyhoura Mountain                    4.58.23
30           01-Jun-15            Cork                                                   3.18.02
31           27-Jun-15            Waterford                                         3.21.52
32           11-Jul-15             Portalington                                     3.36.10
33           05-Sep-15           Dingle                                                3.30.29
34           26-Oct-15            Dublin                                                3.09.53
35           07-Nov-15          Belleck ( Ballina)                             3.27.28
36           21-Nov-15          Tralee (mci)                                      3.33.42
37           04-Dec-15           Clonakility (directors Run )          3.46.01
38           27-Dec-15           Portumna                                         3.29.20
39           23-Jan-16            Lilliput                                                3.27.22
40           06-Feb-16           Clonakility                                        3.36.40
41           02-Apr-16           Listowel                                             3.23.35
42           10-Apr-16           Connemara Ultra                            5.50.46
43           30-Apr-16           Ballyhoura Mountain                    4.15.44
44           28-May-16          Lap of the Gap ( Wicklow)            3.33.31
45           06-Jun-16            Cork                                                   3.27.17
46           25-Jun-16            Waterford                                         3.24.10
47           09-Jul-16             Tralee                                                 3.36.51
48           10-Jul-16             Tralee                                                 3.32.40
49           09-Oct-16            Charleville                                         3.38.07
50           30-Oct-16            Dublin                                                3.09.24
51           20-Nov-16          Sixmilebridge 30m                          3.58.26
52           03-Dec-16           Clonakilty                                         3.22.49
53           27-Dec-16           Portumna                                         3.33.10
54           31-Dec-16           Liverbird (Liverpool)                      3.33.25
55           01-Jan-17            Liverbird (Liverpool)                      3.44.50
56           07-Jan-17            Kilnoscully                                        3.35.49
57           04-Mar-17          Limerick (UL)                                   3.26.02
58           18-Mar-17          Tralee                                                 3.23.04
59           08-Apr-17           Listowel                                             3.26.23
60           29-04-2017         Ballyhoura Mountain(ultra)        6.27.09
61           04-Jun-17            Cork                                                   3.16.13
62           24-Jun-17            Waterford                                         3.19.44
63           22-Jul-17             Rhode (offaly)                                 3.38.47
64           12-Aug-17           East Cork                                           3.22.15
65           03-Sep-17           Enniscrone                                       3.27.28
66           10-Sep-17           Dundalk                                            3.27.17
67           16-Sep-17           Kilkenny                                            3.29.46
68           29-Oct-17            Dublin                                                3.08.52
69           12-Nov-17          Ballina                                                3.27.19
70           19-Nov-17          Sixmilebridge 30m                          4.16.17
71           25-Nov-17          Blackrock                                          3.28.35
72           09-Dec-17           Clonakilty                                         3.21.50
73           27-Dec-17           Portumna                                         3.28.07
74           06-Jan-18            Listowel                                             3.34.59
75           20-Jan-18            Staplestown                                     3.22.44
76           27-Jan-18            Lilliput                                                3.27.44
77           26-May-18          Lap of the Gap ( Wicklow)            3.52.49
78           03-Jun-18            Cork                                                   3.28.24
79           17-Jun-18            Kildare                                               3.24.26
80           22-Jul-18             Bracknagh                                        3.26.33
81           28-Jul-18             Tralee 40m                                       5.26.37
82           11-Aug-18           East cork                                           3.24.41
83           01-Sep-18           Dingle                                                3.20.08
84           09-Sep-18           Dundalk                                            3.36.52
85           15-Sep-18           Kilkenny                                            3.29.41
86           06-Oct-18            Galway                                              3.18.04
87           28-10-2019         Dublin                                                3.12.34
88           08-Dec-18           Clonakility                                        3.48.12
89           05-Jan-19            Blackrock                                          3.39.51
90           19-Jan-19            Lilliput                                                3.29.20
91           23-Mar-19          Roscommon                                    3.29.56
92           13-Apr-19           Mci UL Limerick Day1                    3.30.29
93           14-Apr-19           Mci UL Limerick Day 2                   3.42.04
94           20-Apr-19           Tralee                                                 3.20.50
95           05-May-19          Limerick                                            3.17.35
96           19-May-19          Killarney                                            3.24.59
97           25-May-19          Lap of the Gap ( Wicklow)            3.30.32
98           02-Jun-19            Cork                                                   3.18.31
99           09-Jun-19            Wexford                                            3.20.45
100        22-Jun-19            Waterford                                         3.16.40
The physio is always our first port of call when injury strikes. In an ideal world we should all be visiting a physio / physical therapist for maintenance purposes only, to enhance performance. After a few hard weeks of running it really does help and enhances recovery. Solas na Mara has once again come on board as associate sponsors of the Eurofins Greenway Half for which we are very grateful. If you are planning sports massage to aid your recovery and performance you might consider giving them a turn. For centuries in Ireland it is known that ‘taking the waters’ brings relief from aches and pains, harnessing the minerals of the sea and its seaweed to promote natural healing. A Seaweed baths at Solas na Mara is a great treat for the muscles post race or sessions. Bookings can be made on (058) 46052
Upcoming track and field fixtures are Irish Life Health National Seniors 27th and 28th July in Santry and Irish Life Health National Masters 18th August in Tullamore.If competing please text Gregory Fitzgerald 087 6445789 or Michael Dunford 087 9928887.No entries for any of the above national competitions will be accepted on the day.
Kate Veale was the only Irish walker competing last Friday morning at the World Universities Games which were held in Napoli Italy. Her preparations for this event by her own admission wasn't idea with no walking for over 3 weeks through injury,despite this setback the Ballinroad lady was determined to compete at the event and represent her country on the big stage once again,  In very warm conditions which were also a major factor despite the 7 am starting time of the race the competitors found the going very tough with some not completing the race. Kate hung in there and  with a determined attitude she stuck to her task completing the course coming home in 20th place in a time of 1.54.38.We wish her well now on her recovery from her recent injury set back and hope she can drive on from here and getback to full fitness asap.
Some love it tough and Mick Concannon is one such athlete as he completed his 3rd ,yes 3rd Andalus Ultimate Trail held over a distance of 230k and taking 5 days to complete the event which saw the athletes facing about 8,000 metres of climbing in what can only be discribed as intense heat reaching 40 degrees on day 4 which happened to be the longest leg.Well done Mick on a mammoth achievement.
It was a busy few days for Michael Coakley last week as he ran three races in three days Wednesday-Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday Michael was in action in the Tramore Vlley Park 5k in Cork where he ran a time of 28.45 then it was on to Cork beg 4 miler on Thursday which he completed in 40.39 and to round off his three in a row Michael ran on Friday in the Ballinascarthy 5k on a tough course. (No results available for this race ).Well done Michael your certainly out and about enjoying the great weather were having.
The popular Youghal AC 5k was held on Thursday Night (11th July) on a very fast and flat course around the streets of Youghal.On a very warm and calm evening a fine crowd of 175 took part. The race was won by Kevin O'Leary of East Cork in 15.37 with Noel Murphy of Waterford AC second in 15.48. Dzintars Klava was first West Waterford finisher in an excellent 5th place in a time of 17.01. The ladies race was won by Niamh Moore of Leevale in 17.53 just ahead of Fiona Santry of East Cork who ran 17.58.Maria White was the clubs First Lady home in 22.58.
Dzintars Klava   17.01
Ray Hahessy     19.05
Ted O'Leary       19.33
Tom Leahy         19.53
Joe Salmon        20.11
Tom Hogan        21.39
Johnny Burkin   22.02
Maria White        22.58
Onra Power        24.21
Rose Kinsella     24.39
Competing in one of his biggest championship races to date West Waterford's Micheál Power aquitted himself well at the European under 23 track and field championships held last weekend in Gavle Sweden.Micheal was competing on Saturday evening in the final of the men's 5.000 meters along with two other Irish team mates Fearghal Curtin, Youghal AC and Pierre Murchan, DCH AC.A field of 24 faced the starters pistol and after a slowish first 2.000 meters the race started to kick off up front when eventual winner Jimmy Gressier France upped the tempo considerably to string out the field, the French man was to make it a double crossing the line in 14.16.55 adding to his 5.000 meter success two days earlier.Micheál battled gamely throughout keeping well in the mix throughout and will learn from this going forward with many more major championships events on the horizon for West Waterford AC man.Micheál came home 18th in a time of 14.40.59 with Youghal AC's Curtin just ahead in 17th place with a time of 14.59.50 and Murchan was 21st in 15.00.23.well done to all three lads.
Set aside a time solely for running. Running is more fun if you don't have to rush through it.