Juvenile News

Juvenile Notes, September 1st 2008

Young Athletes back in Training
Training started last Wednesday and there was a good turnout for the first night back.  On Friday night we had a few more athletes back training.   We will continue on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm in the Friary for the next few weeks.  On Monday night Tony started back training in Colligan with the older athletes and this will help them develop their strength and stamina for the coming cross-country season.  With all schools open this week we look forward to seeing more of our athletes return to training and newcomers are always welcome.

Schools Cross Country
This year West Waterford has decided to open the cross country season with a schools cross country event for the older primary school ages and first and second years in secondary schools.  The event will be held in the Friary on Friday 19th September at 6pm and the notification of this event should be in all the schools this week. We look forward to hosting this new event.